A logotype is a graphic that represents your company. However, did you know there are seven distinct categories of logos?

logo types
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Each type of logo gives your brand a distinctive feel, despite the fact that they are all made up of both typography and visual elements. Additionally, you want to make sure your logo type is perfect because it will be the first thing that potential customers see.

  1. Monogram (or letter mark) logos
  2. Wordmark logos
  3. Pictorial mark logos
  4. Abstract logo marks
  5. Mascot logos
  6. The combination mark
  7. The emblem logo

Best logotypes

Monogram Logo Types: Creating a Strong Brand Identity with Two Letters

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A monogram is a symbol or design made up of two letters, the usual initials of a person’s name. According to the Merriam-Webster dictionary, the term ‘monogram’ is derived from the Greek word for “single letter”. Monograms are used in many branding and marketing projects, including logos and advertisements.

Wordmark Logo Types: Emphasizing Your Brand Name for Maximum Recognition

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A wordmark or logotype is a font-based logo that emphasizes a company’s name only, much as a letter mark does. Think of Coca-Cola and Visa. When a company has a short and memorable name, wordmark logos perform exceptionally well. A good illustration of this is the Google logo.

When combined with strong typography and a catchy and memorable name, the logotype contributes to a strong sense of brand recognition.

Pictorial Mark Logo Types: Using Images to Express Your Brand’s Personality

pictorial mark
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Pictorial mark logos are not just popular among enterprises but also among individuals. As people’s hobbies and interests become more diverse, they like to associate themselves with celebrities or organizations using pictorial images, thus playing out their own individuality in a way that letter-mark logos cannot do.

Pictorial mark logos have been around for many years, but recently they have become popular again because of new developments in technology such as virtual reality (VR), augmented reality (AR), and artificial intelligence (AI). Pictures can be turned into 3D pictures to directly upload onto social media sites such as Facebook. In addition, you can take a picture while wearing VR goggles to create your own true sense of virtual reality experience

Abstract Logo Mark Types: Simplifying Your Brand with Geometric Shapes

Abstract logo
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Abstract Logo Marks is a design technique and style that uses basic geometric shapes to represent the identity of an organization. Complex abstract logo-type designs can allow for an unlimited number of possible variations in color and pattern, which is sometimes more desirable than limiting branding to only one or two specific colors.

Mascot Logo Types: Adding a Fun and Memorable Element to Your Brand

Mascot logos are “logos with hidden animal faces” that is designed to make company brands more memorable and recognizable. A mascot logo is an image, typically a cartoon figure that a company uses as its graphical identity, primarily in advertising and also on items such as mugs, pencils, and t-shirts.

Combination Mark Logo Types: Combining Different Logo Types for a Unique Identity

combinationmark logo
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The combination mark is a new typographical symbol that combines the letters representing two different types of intellectual property rights.

Emblem Logo Types: Creating a Classic and Timeless Brand Identity with Text and Symbols

emblem logo
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Consider badges, seals, and crests as examples of emblem logos, which contain text inside of an icon or symbol. These logos frequently have a classic look to them that can leave a lasting impression, which is why many businesses, organizations, and governmental bodies favor them. Emblem logos are also very popular in the automotive industry. Some businesses have successfully modernized the traditional emblem look while maintaining their classic aesthetic (consider Starbucks’ recognizable mermaid logotype or Harley-renowned Davidson’s crest).