Like much of the rest of the Western world, Australian companies have come to understand the benefits of using influencer marketing in their marketing strategies. It is not surprising that there are now a few specialised influencer marketing businesses in Australia. Influencer marketing has also been included in the services provided by several conventional firms. Here is our guide to Australia’s top 14 influencer marketing companies.

Amazing Influencer Marketing Firms in Australia:

The Exposure Co.

Influencer Marketing 15

As a full-service digital influencer advertising business, The Exposure Co. operates. It runs in both Australia and New Zealand, on either side of the Tasman.

In their list, they have local influencers that have aided in the introduction of international companies to the Australian market. Also, they have defended neighbourhood businesses in Brisbane, Melbourne, and Sydney.

From highly specialised influencers with 5,000 followers all the way up to well-known influencers with 4 million+ followers, The Exposure Co. works with a wide range of influencers.

Influencers from The Exposure Co-work on a variety of platforms. They understand that Instagram, with its strong visual emphasis and active levels of engagement, is essential to any influencer strategy. They are also aware that influencers may build strong bonds with viewers on YouTube, which is a big platform. They view YouTube as being essential for gaining youthful viewers.

Snapchat is a different social media platform with a strong youth following and high engagement rates? The Exposure Co is also aware of how young influencers on interact with teenagers and tweens.

Despite their significance, you shouldn’t disregard these new social media platforms. The perfect way for companies to share their message is through engaging blogging that is still provided by a large number of influencers.

The Social Club

social club
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The Social Club, which is situated in Auckland, New Zealand, operates on the other side of Tasman from the other agencies mentioned in this article. But they also have a Melbourne, Victoria, office in Australia.

With a custom tech platform that enables us to produce the greatest results for your company and budget, The Social Club positions itself as the top full-service influencer marketing firm in New Zealand. With a combined 17.5 million followers across Instagram, YouTube, Facebook, and Snapchat, they have access to over 11,000 influencers, vloggers, and creatives.

Numerous well-known New Zealand companies, including Jockey, Tiptop, Fisher & Paykel, Burger Fuel, Anchor, and Air New Zealand, are listed as clients of The Social Club.

Influencer and social media marketing are both done by The Social Club in five steps:

They identify your brand objectives and develop a strategy specific to your brand to increase interaction.

They launch your influencer content and social media activities.

Influencers produce interesting, genuine content that prioritises customers for your target audience.

Complete project management, campaign optimization, and reporting are all included in the delivery.

The best-performing material may finally be repurposed and amplified. The firm also welcomes qualified influencers to join its team. Joining is free for influencers and their talent agents. The brands that influencers work with can be chosen by them, preventing any conflicts with pre-existing alliances and the need to compromise on brand principles.


Influencer Marketing 17

Although influencer marketing has grown quickly over the past few years, Western Australia has been slower to adopt it. The first specialised influencer marketing agency in Western Australia, according to TIA, who represent themselves as such. They only just got started, on October 25, 2017.

They stand for a group of influential people who are mainly from Western Australia. They range from small-time influencers with just 3,000 followers to well-known figures with 50,000 or more. Sports, parenthood, lifestyle, food, gay rights, health, nutrition, fashion, fitness, adventure, interior design, and travel are among the topics covered by the influencers.

When a client contacts TIA, the following procedure is used:

  • Map: specify the influencer approach and communication goals.
  • Match – choose the ideal combination of influencers to effectively spread the message
  • To demonstrate a return on investment, quantify efficacy based on cost per engagement.

TIA has clients like Food Loose Tours, Lakeside Joondalup, and Black Swan State Theatre Company even though it is a very young firm. They will also collaborate with Perth Foodies, loved by Emily, Sherlock Diary, Stylespsiration, and IMasticate Perth.


Influencer Marketing 18

situated in Darlinghurst, Sydney HooZu describes themselves as influence purveyors. Its management team combines technical proficiency, celebrity status, and knowledge of web marketing. For the past two years, they have assisted Australia with influencer marketing thanks to these considerations.

On the social web, Hoozu employs technology to find talent. They collaborate with a variety of influencers, including staff, micro-influencers, and celebrities. With the biggest talent agencies, they also have trading relationships.

Hoozu suggests talent to brands that they think will help them achieve their goals. They pledge to meet minimal engagement and fulfil goals.

To maximise reach and effectiveness, they execute each campaign with a large number of influencers across a variety of social media networks. They oversee message flighting and timing as well, ensuring that campaigns gain momentum over time.

Hoozu provides a range of real-time reporting services. These include

  • continuous optimization
  • competitive analysis and tracking, insights
  • post analysis
  • brand sentiment monitoring

Hello Social

hello social
Influencer Marketing 19

The top social media marketing firm in Australia, according to Hello Social, is one. Influencer marketing is thus simply one of the many packages it provides to brands. They specialise in integrating a company’s social media presence with its commercial goals to create a cohesive strategy.

A full-service influencer firm, Hello Social offers services and tactics from concept development to execution. They have collaborated with reputable companies including Microsoft, Oli, Eve and Kane, and that iconic Australian theme park, Luna Park.

They entice influencers to join their network by providing them with a range of opportunities:

  • To work with brands they love
  • Exclusive perks, e.g., access to the newest products and exclusive invites
  • Talent management
  • Expert advice

Almost every topic is represented by influencers on Hello Social, including lifestyle, fashion, beauty, travel, family, and food.

As a full-service agency, Hello Social employs creatives to create influencer marketing campaigns that help brands stand out from the competition. In order to discover the best influencer strategy for a certain situation, its strategists consult with businesses.

They put a lot of effort into raising brand recognition and generating social buzz to spread word of mouth widely and amplify branded messages.

Contagious Agency

cotijupus agency
Influencer Marketing 20

Contagious Agency specialises in word-of-mouth and influencer marketing. They collaborate with a mix of what they refer to as Uber and peer influencers.

The Contagious Network, which the peer influencers run, works to promote brands, goods, and services. Authentic recommendations regarding products are shared by these influencers through participation in word-of-mouth initiatives. They conduct this both in person and online.

Also collaborating with Uber influencers is Contagious. For the most part, these are bloggers that have developed sizable followings in niches including parenting, home & lifestyle, food, design, travel, fashion & style, beauty, urban culture, health & wellness, tech, and music.

Contagious Agency provides a range of services to its clients. These include

  • Blogger outreach and Uber partnerships
  • Social word of mouth (WOM) sampling
  • Social media endorsements
  • Content creation
  • Influencer events
  • Long-term advocate programmes

Word-of-mouth advertising is strongly endorsed by Contagious Agency (WOMM). It thinks that influencers on Ube and among peers are equally qualified to perform WOMM for brands. Quite a few well-known names can be found on Contagious’ client list. Colgate, Woolworths, Telstra, Revlon, Pizza Hut, Coles, and Mastercard are a few of these.


Influencer Marketing 21

FWRD is a social media agency based in South Melbourne. They cover many facets of social media management, including

  • strategy
  • influencer outreach
  • social advertising
  • content creation
  • community management
  • campaign management
  • web & commerce
  • data acquisition

Influencer outreach is FWRD’s way of promoting the idea that social media influencers are today’s new trendsetters, celebrities, and sources of inspiration. In order to raise brand awareness and establish connections with and develop brand champions, FRWD collaborates closely with a network of social influencers and bloggers. They are especially helpful for assisting brands to enter new markets (both within Australia and abroad).

Marmot Inc

Influencer Marketing 22

Sydney-based Marmot Inc is a full-service design and digital studio. Simon Marmot, who worked for Saatchi & Saatchi for several years in Sydney, London, and Vietnam, founded the company.

Blogger outreach, influencer marketing on YouTube, and influencer marketing on social media are all services offered by Marmot.

Marmot sees itself as having four responsibilities in its capacity as a blogger outreach organisation:

To find the most influential blogger communities across all industries

mobilise influencers to produce genuine content that will appeal to its audience

to promote social content on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and blogs

to measure consumer and social media reach and engagement by tracking the return on investment of its clients’ campaigns

They specialise in assisting businesses with the development of YouTube influencer marketing plans. They produce videos for brand storytelling, product demos, how-to guides, and influencer and content marketing on YouTube.

Social Soup

social soap
Influencer Marketing 23

The Sydney-based company Social Soup is a fervent supporter of genuine influencer marketing. It operates on both sides of Tasman, collaborating with Australian and New Zealand brands and influencers.

They have more than ten years of experience working in the influencer marketing industry. They have now worked with more than 500 companies across 23 different industries.

They divided their offerings into four groups:

Social Media, Peer-to-Peer Impact Amplifications, Social Sampling, and Other Social Boosters

The mid-level influencers with 1,000–50,000 followers are the main target of their social boosters. According to Social Soup, influencers in this demographic generate the most interaction and impact among their followers. In order to assist firms in forming alliances with the most significant influencers, Social Soup utilises an Influencer Gateway Platform.

Their Social Sampling service arranges brand-led trials with sizable influencer groups, chosen specifically to guarantee that they complement the brand’s target market. Even a variant of this is available and is known as Office Social Sampling. Live campaigns are being run in an office setting. They provide businesses with the opportunity to see office-related products in a real-world environment.

Trials with groups of influencers in a specific niche are part of peer-to-peer influencer campaigns. Brands are supported by Social Soup in a routine activity within their industry. They assist with product debuts that generate excitement. They collaborate with influencers to create user-generated content that is centred on products.

Influencers are used by Social Soup to share their experiences online. They strive to promote favourable discourse regarding client brands. They aid in the promotion of pertinent user-generated material.

Magnum & Co

Influencer Marketing 24

PR, influencer marketing, social media, content creation, experiential marketing, and digital are Magnum & Co.’s areas of expertise. One of the top integrated marketing agencies in Australia, in their opinion.

Magnum & Co. uses an influencer marketing strategy that involves six steps:

  1. Brand truth – research and insights
  2. Discovery – strategic partnerships meet influencer-detecting technology
  3. Content – connecting consumers
  4. Amplification – an integrated approach to speed up influence
  5. Analysis – important metrics
  6. Optimization – continually driving success

Their method of influencer marketing is referred to as MAGNETIC. Brands can get complete influencer marketing services from MAGNETIC. These address each stage of the procedure.

Wear Cape

Influencer Marketing 25

Based in Melbourne, Australia, Wear Cape is a full-service influencer marketing agency. They were just founded in 2019 a few years ago, but between them, they have more than ten years of expertise working on viral marketing projects.

They provide a wide range of services geared towards influencers and brands. They have extensive experience in all phases of influencer marketing initiatives, from influencer sourcing to content optimization.

Also, they have a group of creatives, strategists, and technical social media professionals who have contacts with some of the top influencers. They are able to pinpoint the influencers who are most pertinent to a business with the aid of unique technology. This is a component of phase one. Campaign implementation is the focus of the second phase, while data analysis and reporting are the focus of the third.

They also offer a number of add-on services that include:

  • Paid amplification
  • Full-service content production
  • Ambassadorships

Influencers with at least 20,000 followers on TikTok, YouTube, or Instagram are eligible to join their talent pool. If they satisfy this requirement, they can next fill out a Creator Intake Form on their website. They will make sure that the influencers in their network get the greatest deal and advise to put them on the path to success in everything from negotiations to digital rights management to career support.

We Are Social

Influencer Marketing 26

As a “socially-led” creative agency, We Are Social describes itself. They have more than 15 locations spread across over four continents, including two in Australia. They are capable of assisting with strategy, creativity, production, media, and distribution and are trusted by organisations like Samsung, Audi, and the Australian Government.

They may support campaigns in every way, especially when it comes to influencer marketing. They support the delivery of “genuine impact” by working with others to co-create ideas that are culturally relevant. They are additionally participants of the Australian Influencer Marketing Council (AiMCO). Brands may therefore feel secure knowing that all of their ads are open and compliant with industry standards.

In addition to influencer sourcing, they offer various other services to their clients. These include:

  • Brand planning
  • Social Strategy
  • Campaign strategy
  • Creative campaign and concept development
  • Branded content
  • Effectiveness measurement

Two Palms

social f
Influencer Marketing 27

Two Palms, which was founded as a “centre for experts in all things social,” has developed into a global community comprising some of the best minds in the digital sector. They have two offices in Australia, one in Sydney and one in Queenstown. From these locations, they develop integrated campaigns that rely on well-thought-out strategies and visually appealing material, and they team up creatives in their network with the right matches. Despite having just been established in 2019, in their short time in operation, they have already collaborated with a number of well-known household names, such as Tourism Australia, Ben & Jerry’s, and Amazon Prime Video.

Their award-winning team has developed a variety of effective influencer marketing programmes that stand out and is up to date with the most recent trends. They may assist with influencer search, strategy, content creation, and execution as a full-service influencer marketing agency. Moreover, to make sure that you are informed as well, they provide high-level reporting and suggestions for potential next steps.

They can also assist you if you’re an aspiring influencer looking to join a talent management company. They identify as both a talent management firm and an influencer marketing agency, and they may assist with:

  • Discovery
  • Management
  • Procurement
  • Brand development
  • Partnerships
  • Strategy
  • Campaign management
  • Reporting

Free Folk

social 212
Influencer Marketing 28

Australia-based startups and small businesses can learn more about Free Folk, a team of PR and communications specialists based in Brisbane who develops high-impact campaigns. They assist their clients, who include companies like Queensland Ballet and Triumph, in utilising digital, media, and social landscapes through an integrated and innovative approach to communications. The community of their clients serves as the foundation for everything they do.

Influencer marketing is one of their other main areas of interest, along with public relations. They may provide a wide range of services and are AANA+ industry compliant.

  • Influencer research and screening
  • Briefing and contract management
  • Campaign tracking
  • Campaign optimization
  • Content approval facilitation
  • Post-campaign reporting